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We are happy to have you visit our site and hope you will find the information here to be interesting and helpful. You might want to join us if you are a qualified licensed health care professional and want to learn more about hypnosis.

If you are already a member, then we invite you to freely access the information here to support and advance your clinical ability, to make contributions through articles and research, and to maintain contact with your community of colleagues.

If you are an individual simply curious about hypnosis, we hope you will continue your exploration, as accurate knowledge and appropriate application of hypnosis can be a wonderful tool of self-care, growth, healing, and personal control. In any event, we hope you come back and visit the North Carolina Society of Clinical Hypnosis often.

Who Can Join?

NCSCH is a professional society, and is open to individuals who are licensed health care professionals with either a doctoral or master's degree in medicine, psychology, dentistry, social work, marriage and family counseling, licensed professional counseling, nursing or chiropractic (or who are post-graduate students working toward one of these degrees).

Members of the general public are not eligible to join the Society but the Society provides services to the general public by offering information on these web pages and by providing member contact information for those who wish to utilize the skills of one of our members if you require professional services. Be aware that the NCSCH does not verify members qualifications and skill level. Ethical and skillful utilization of clinical hypnosis is the responsibility of the member clinician.

Clients/patients as consumers of professional services are obliged to use the same good judgement in your decision to work with any of the members listed in this site as you would with any other service provider.

We believe that hypnosis should be used for health purposes, and delivered by licensed, trained health care professionals. We are an active society that engages in training, promotion of the use of hypnosis, research and collegiality and consultation among our members. What characterizes our Society is a spirit of professionalism combined with a strong sense of community. We are a warm, welcoming organization that provides expert training in hypnosis in an atmosphere of collegial support and consultation. We believe we have much to offer to health care professionals who have or want to develop an interest in hypnosis. We can enhance your effectiveness as a clinician and increase your referrals.

Click on the highlighted links for more information about benefits of membership and membership requirements, application form, and ASCH Code of Conduct.

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The North Carolina Society of Clinical Hypnosis is a community of dedicated health care and mental health care providers committed to the competent, effective, and ethical use of clinical hypnosis.


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